Aims & Objectives

The mission of PROMITHEAS S.A is the effectiveness and the expeditious work implementation in combination with fine quality and costs in competitive levels.

Our company has as foundation the long time experience, the organization and quality of its projects, which allows it to envision the expansion of its action in a greater  spectrum of  the construction section. This results into the strengthening of our name and position in the domestic market, as well as in our expansion abroad.

For the achievement of the above, PROMITHEAS S.A gives great importance at its human resources, offering opportunities to its manpower and continuously increasing its knowledge and skills via programs and seminars ensuring its high levels of efficiency.

PROMITHEAS S.A strategy is the best possible exploitation of the invest capital, the continuing developing course and the access in the market in order to meet the present and the future investors’ expectations.

PROMITHEAS S.A follows some specifically designed tactics so as to implement all its targets:

• Autonomy in projects’ management  with continuous control on quality, time and budget.

• On Spot Decision Making

• Capture of new technologies and working methods