PROMITHEAS S.A established in 1989 as a branch of ATEMKE S.A. During the decade of 90’s PROMITHEAS S.A was active concerning several project in Greece, either single or in a joint venture with ATEMKE S.A and other construction companies. During this period PROMITHEAS S.A was involved with several kind of projects such as, road construction works (Thessaloniki district highway, Sections of Athens – Thessaloniki highway), hydraulics works (Fuel pipeline from Lagada – Srimona and fuel tanks), general construction works (Restoration of earthquake victims in Aigio and Grevena, SEIRIOS highway service station) .

In the year 2000, PROMITHEAS up to today PROMITHEAS S.A becomes independent from ATEMKE S.A and get involves with the construction of several projects in Greece and abroad.

In the year 2012 PROMITHEAS S.A provided the experience and expertise to CRYSTAL VENTURES Ltd which undertook the construction of the project “Section of 40 km road network from KIGALI to CONGO” in RWANDA of total budget 30.000.000,00 Euros, thereby satisfying and completing the EU requirements and specifications, who was the financier of the project. After finalization of the contract, PROMITHEAS S.A will assume the management of the project.

In the early 2013, PROMITHEAS S.A. studied and submitted a proposal to the Democratic Republic of Cuba for the construction, due to hurricane Sandy, of 22.000 residencies in Santiago de Cuba with specificifications such as resistance to winds up to 270km/h and earthquakes  up to 9.5 Richter. The proposal was approved in terms of quality, cost and construction time, therefore the beginning of the project is pending until the required funds are gathered from the Cuban government.