PROMITHEAS S.A specializes in the construction of office buildings; industrial complexes; education and sports facilities; manufacturing, retail and special-use facilities. We have worked with construction managers, architectural and engineering firms, general contractors, utilities, and end users.Our capabilities include general construction, construction management, design-build, design-assist and turn-key project development.



Marine projects demand contractors who provide special expertise and equipment for fast completion of waterfront construction. We have completed a variety of ports and other marine work.



PROMITHEAS S.A along with ATEMKE S.A have constructed highways and bridges all around South Greece in the past 15 years. Nowadays continues to construct public roads as well as rail lines and rail yards and also other associated facilities. Our capabilities are reinforced by our fleet of construction equipment, which allows us to rapidly implement large size projects.



PROMITHEAS S.A has been performing work for military purposes. It has constucted defense facilities for NATO in North Greece.



We provide a complete type of services in the area of design and implementation for major power projects. PROMITHEAS S.A can provide construction management services and the know-how for developing wind farms, as well as for projects that have to do with non-polluting and renewable form of energy.