The Company

As we have dedicated our professional lives to creation and development we find it appropriate to welcome you to our site informing you that we started from zero, without any funds to support our activities though truly believing in the strength of will, team building and communication.

We believe that we contributed in a more promising future for the new coming generations and that our works are signaling our progress. We made works-innovations that are proud of such as: the introduction of New Jersey in the Greek motorways (that saved lives), the motorway station service “SEIRIOS” and further more our social activity/donations of Prometheus the torch carrier statue in the entrance of Ancient Delphi and the museum of National Resistance-Opposition, the renovated school in our birth place in Arta, Distrato.

Today we hearken the nature’s SOS and we are satisfied that once again we bring the innovation into our country using the most advanced technologies, for the most effective exploitation of renewable energy sources for a green – prototype settlement we construct in Istiaia Evia Island.