53rd elementary school in Athens – Building reconstruction

53rd elementary school in Athens – Building reconstruction

Renovation of an old school in the heart of Athens (dated from 1916).

It is a building of a particular architectural design with intense neoclassicism characteristics. The building occupies the boundaries of the site (1000m2) and locates at a corner spot. The existing building with a roof has six classrooms, administration offices, free space and a storehouse. A new building was added fully harmonious so much to the volume and the shape as well as to the architectural form.

This added building consists of a basement, a ground floor, first and second floor. At the basement occur the mechanical facilities and the storehouses, at the ground floor the entrance area, the tuck-shop and the boys and girls W.C. At the first floor the physic-chemistry room and the library of the school. Finally, at the second floor occur one classroom and the computer room.

The whole building embraces at the interior of the site the courtyard, a free space idealistic for the children breaks where a very old palm tree which despite the difficulties we manage to preserve during construction, adorns the courtyard. The total surface of the buildings and the secondary spaces of the renovated building and the added building is 1040.50m2.

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