OSE – Renovation of railway in Dekelia Station

OSE – Renovation of railway in Dekelia Station

The railway project has been concluded and concerns:

a)      The fully improvement and renovation of the 1st and 2nd line in every station which mention in the heading and the 3rd line at the Afnidon station with railway line UIC 54 on wooden sleepers attached with Vosshol connections and welding in order to achieve an uniform welding line in every of the above sections.

b)      The replacement of the exchanger line at the railway stations of the subject with new UIC 54 with R=190m and R=300m, which were welded to the both sides of railway line exchanger line with simultaneous improvement of the sub-base of the exchanger line.

c)      The renovation of the line section except to the exchanger line at the railway station of Avlona, Afidon, Inois, of 2km length approximately

d)      The construction of drainage at the railway station of Acharnon, Afidon, and Avlona.

e)       Cleaning of rubble, garbage etc in every station

f)       The occasional replacement of worn-out railway lines from the section railway station of Sfendalis to the railway station of Afidon, the wielding of the new railway lines, stresses distributions, and the final adjustment of the line.

g)      The conversion of the line at the area of the rock shift at the area of Malakasas from a joint line to a continuous welding line.

h)      The renovation of the upstage line and the construction of a continuous welded line at the section of the railway station of Avlona to the railway station of Inois.


The project was completed and the railway lines were delivered for circulation within the approved timetable. During the construction the necessary coordination was succeeded which resulted to the completion of the project on time with maximum quality. Provision for keeping to the safety rules was taken since the works were taken place near the trains.