Restoration of damages in the port of Meganisi Island

This project concerns the restoration of damages occur at the port of  Meganisi from the earthquake of 14/08/2003

In particular, the executions of the above works are to be made:


1) Repairing of the Spartoxorio pier

  • Seafloor cleaning
  • Hole drilling in the pier
  • Positioning of earth soil sacks
  • Wooden mould – Cast in place concrete for the construction of perimetrical wall
  • Surface configuration of pier
  • Stone surface coverage


2) Repairing of port pier at Vathi

  • Seafloor excavation
  • Seafloor embankment
  • Construction – Positioning of unnatural stone
  • Configuration of pier surface
  • Positioning of floating breakwater


The works at the Spartoxorio port have been concluded, and there are in progress the works at Vathi port.