Two Storey House – Athens

Two Storey House – Athens

PROMITHEAS SA in 2009 constructed a two storey house (120 sq.m.) with basement (80 sq.m.) in Avlonas, district of Athens.

The house was constructed in 50 days’ time and it is not prefabricated.

It is an anti-seismic construction made entirely by reinforced concrete, while the interior walls are made by double layering of moisture resistant plasterboards and cement boards with internal insulation.

The house has the following bioclimatic features:

  • Proper orientation of the houses and the interior spaces for ample day lighting and natural heating needed.
  • The exterior body of the house is fully covered by ad-hoc thermal insulation (thermoprosopsis).
  • The exterior door and window frames are based on PVC ad-hoc technology that guarantees durability, stamina and thermal insulation
  • Installation of photovoltaic systems for free lighting of the surroundings of the house.
  • Installation of solar-powered water-heater.

The interior is completed with high standards chosen materials and the cooling – heating is based on fan coils system.

Promitheas S.A - Avlonas