Seirios Motorway Service Station at 43th km of National Highway Athens – Thessalonica

Seirios Motorway Service Station at 43th km of National Highway Athens – Thessalonica

Seirios is the largest motorway service station in Greece and the biggest and most complicate project we have taken on. The construction cost reached 17,6millions euros. The apprehension of this project belongs to Georgaki Thoma, who since 1985 had organized and overseen every phase of the project.

The researchers of the Seirios project were

  1. Tasos Plainis,
  2. Giorgos Arachovitis
  3. Antonis Zeidan.

The construction was executed by

  1. Tasos Bithas
  2. Dimitris Dimitroulakis
  3. Nikos Makriniotis.

The construction of Seirios project commence at 1994.

It is located at the 43 kilometer of the new highway Athens – Lamias, at the entrance of Athens, near the area of Malakasas. The total area of the station is 140.000 m2 and the total area of the buildings is 16.270 m2.

Seirios became operational on the beginning of 1997. It is visited by a large number of travelers every day, and it is a reference point for the modern Greek and the European driver.

The central building for travelers services is forming on both sides of the highway and at the same time over and under of it. It is a complete relationship of Seirios with the highway and represents the main idea of the architectural composition. A dynamic but at the same time light building which dominates on the landscape and on the eyes of the driver as it is appeared suddenly on the road.

Complex Seirios consists of:

  • Two gas stations, two car washes and two buildings of road services (one on each current of the highway). In addition, one truck wash-oil changer (towards Lamia), one commercial center and rubber changing (towards Athens) and finally the central traveler service building of total area of 14.422 m2. Secondary operational installations are a) biological cleaning, b) Watering-pumping drilling and c) fire-protection system.
  • The central traveler service building consists of three underground levels, a ground level, first level and a second level.  The first and second level, are connected with the bridge over the highway, a unique type of construction until today in Greece. It is called Pavezi construction type. This the location of the restaurants, coffee shops, bakery shops, clothes and toys stores, as well as playgrounds, toilets, and handicapped  areas.


At Seirios surrounding area are large parking lots (600 places), for cars, bus and trucks. The circulation networks for heavy and light vehicle are separated, while the underground passage is used for the connection of the two sections on the either side of the highway and the turnaround on it.

Moreover, there are outdoor playgrounds and seating places, green spaces and sidewalks.